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Welcome to quantumbreak.neocities.org! Obviously, this is a fansite, and is in no way official or affiliated with Remedy Entertainment, Microsoft, or the actual IP holders of the 2016 video game Quantum Break.

This site was made and is maintained by (get ready to not be surprised at all) CMDonovann, who is an artist, writer, and self-proclaimed "world's biggest Quantum Break fan," among other things.

If you'd like to make a contribution to this site, send in a comment about it, or notify the site runner about a correction that needs to be made, you can contact CMDonovann using his contact information (found at his site) or contact this website directly at chrononactive@gmail.com if you prefer.

As you can see, this website is currently a work in progress. Stay tuned, as more is being added! Check the "Recent Updates" section below to see what's new. You can also check out the GitHub repository for this site if you're interested in seeing its updates and source code there.

About the site:

This fansite was started with the goal of archiving fanworks related to the 2016 video game Quantum Break. So much fan-produced content is lost when social sites go down or change their content policies, and I want to make sure that fanworks for Quantum Break can still be seen and appreciated even when that happens.

With that in mind, I am currently working on an archive for Quantum Break fanfiction for this site, which should be functional and visible publicly sometime this summer (2023). While I don't yet have the skill to code a comments interface for it, I'll provide links to other sites where the fic has been posted so that readers can comment there instead. My next goal, after the fic archive is running, is to start an art archive, but that will take a bit longer.

If you are a fan creator for Quantum Break and have a fanwork you'd like to be on the site, please contact me to let me know! While my current priority is fic, I'm also accepting any other fanworks such as fanart, image edits, written meta, and fanvids as well! (Though fanvids should be posted elsewhere, as I don't have video hosting capabilities and will only be linking to them, sorry!)

Ultimately, I know there aren't very many fans of Quantum Break who are super intense about it the way I am. Which is why I decided to make this site! Who else is going to spend hundreds of hours of their time on a project like this? It's just as much an expression of my love for the game as it is a resource or an archive. I hope you enjoy browsing this site as much as I enjoy working on it!

- CMDonovann

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